Microsoft's Bethesda Acquisition Scared Stadia - Kinda Funny Games Daily 02.17.21

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Blessing and Andy give some last minute Nintendo Direct predictions, talk about some insider scoops on Stadia, and discuss why FPS Boost is awesome for Xbox Backward Compatible titles.

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00:009:20 - Housekeeping
That long awaited Nintendo Direct is going down today and we’re reacting live to it. It’s 50 minutes of new Nintendo announcements and you can join me, Andy, Greg, and Tim Muhfuggin Gettys right here on at 2pm pt to watch it all go down.
Then at 5:30 pm is the FCF draft once again going down right here on our Twitch channel.
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The Roper Report -
00:11:20 - We got a few more details on what happened over at Stadia - Nathan Grayson and Ethan Gach @ Kotaku
00:24:50 - Microsoft’s started a new program to help make more accessible games - Kait Sanchez @ The Verge
00:29:25 - Speaking of Xbox: Some Xbox backwards compatible games are running even smoother now - Xbox Wire
00:34:20 - What game would you guys wanna see get a boost up to 120 fps? - Best Friends Q:Kendrick Luckenbach
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00:47:20 - It Takes Two has gone gold and Josef Fares wants to give you money
00:51:03 - You can adopt a pet now in No Man’s Sky - Jordan Oloman @ IGN
00:57:18 - We’re getting a DOTA Anime - Dota 2 on Twitter
01:01:40 - Out today
01:03:45 - Squad Up: Donald Eckels(Youtube) @Sirsonik on Twitter (
01:05:10 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts: Greg and Tim


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