Trump Blames Video Games for Shootings - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.05.19

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Tim and Greg delve into President Trump's comments on games being linked to mass shootings, Patriot Act's take on games labor, and more.

00:09:03 - Housekeeping
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The Roper Report -
00:10:08 - Trump, McCarthy cite video games as driver behind mass shootings, Devan Cole @ CNN
00:19:20 - Halo Infinite on Xbox One isn’t a second class citizen, Alysia Judge @ IGN
00:22:02 -“Will we ever get games that are exclusively on Project Scarlett, not even playable on XBox One?” - BJ Bernardo
00:25:02 - Is Scarlett a smaller upgrade, like the XBox One to the XBox One X? Or is it a full, next generation upgrade, like XBox 360 to XBox One? - BJ Bernardo
00:27:20 - Does xCloud and Stadia just fuck this all up, being able to play anywhere, on anything? - BJ Bernardo
00:29:52 - Ooblets Fallout, Matthew Handrahan @ GIB
00:35:29 - “Do you have any suggestions or general thoughts on how an online community/community members deal should with things like this?” - Sapphire Diamond ruby
00:43:35 - Snake is not coming to Tekken, @EVO
00:46:55 - Ninja’s Mixer Success, Bryan Lawver @ ScreenRant
00:48:45 - Out today
00:51:30 - HIMS
00:52:45 - RAYCON
Reader mail -
00:56:32 - I happened to scroll through SIE San Diego Studio's releases on Wikipedia trying to remember the name of a game (it was Guns Up!) when I noticed a listing for Modnation Racers 2 slated for 2020. Did I miss something or is this just an unsubstantiated rumor? - Steven James Oslund
00:58:40 - Do either of you experience new game fatigue? - Gilly Brums
00:59:50 - Squad Up: Kyle Kontos(Playstation) - Steel_Reaper
01:02:25 - REQUIRED READING To Bend Studio, Thank You - The Broken Road Blog
01:05:00 - You‘re Wrong
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