People Love the PlayStation Vita (For Porn) - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.11.19

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Gary Whitta and Greg deliver one of the greatest Kinda Funny Games Daily episodes of all time by talking about The Game Awards Game Festival, reviewing Pornhub's yearly report, and calling Lucy James and Cameron Cuffe.

Time Stamps -
00:04:52 - Housekeeping
Game Awards are Thursday. Watch-a-long with us!
KINDADC: December 14 at 5PM! We’ll be going to Georgetown, seeing the cool Christmas lights, get some good food, and then go to Escape the Room to test how Best Friends do under pressure!
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Black Jack and Mohammed Mohammed!
The Roper Report -
00:06:10 - The Game Awards Game Festival
00:17:20 - It's Game Awards Eve and that can only lead to one thing... Speculation as to who will be nominated and win at next year's Game Awards. - Best Friends Q - Frankfurtter
00:18:20 - PornHub’s Year in Review
00:31:13 - Half Life: Alyx Isn’t coming to PSVR (yet) Stephen Tailby @ Push Square
00:40:20 -Twitch signing its own exclusive Streamers, Hayden Taylor @ GIB
00:43:20 -Greg Rice Leaves Double Fine (VP of Biz), Heads to PlayStation
00:46:00 - the best thing about having a kid is when they start to show genuine interest in something you love. - Best Friends Q - Ray Briggs II
00:46:37 - Out today
00:53:46 - BROOKLINEN
00:55:24 - QUIP
00:56:26 - MANSCAPED
Reader mail -
00:11:30 - Space Rocks number one fan - Jeffrey P Long
01:05:30 - Squad Up: Katie(Real life on the 12th)
01:06:55 - You‘re Wrong


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