Amazon kills its first big game

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Amazon Game Studios has just cancelled development on their biggest game, Crucible, in the messiest way possible. After the third person free-to-play hero-shooter was released earlier this year it was promptly returned to the shelf and put in ‘beta’ status. Now, Amazon Game Studios has officially confirmed that Crucible is cancelled development and the game will not be returning to market.

Amazon as a multi-billion dollar mega corporation has been investing a lot of time and money on developing their presence in the games industry, but to what ends? They started by first making Amazon Game Studios, they built Lumberyard their own game engine, they bought up Twitch, and now they are about to launch a new cloud gaming service called Luna.

Amazon has entered a highly competitive market and certainly has a lot of money to burn but with a majority of its investments, like Crucible, erupting into an unmanageable garbage fire we have to ask - how long does Amazon plan to hold out? Well, we might not have all the answers on today’s episode of Inside Gaming Daily but you can bet we’ll have a couple of laughs.

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