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On this episode of New Game Plus we go over my Super Mario Land 2 review!! So many games are getting fresh coats of paint these days, but what about the diamonds in the rough? Davis and I come back to re-complete Super Mario Land 2!

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Some people may not remember this as it was a Gameboy Color Mario game, but it's been called on of the best portables of all time. But Nintendo seems to have locked away Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. The premise is a simple as most Mario games are. There's a castle to get into, but instead of a princess in there, its Wario. And Wario has taken over YOUR castle. So now Mario must travel through Mario Land and Mario Zone to get the 6 Golden Coins to unlock his dang house.

Let me know what you thought about my Super Mario Land 2 review down below! Also let me know what other games I should re-complete for New Game Plus.

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