Ms. Marvel Joins Marvel's Avengers - Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.07.19

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Bruce Greene joins Greg to talk about Kamala Khan coming to Crystal Dynamics' Avengers video game, Destiny 2's raid, and more!

Time Stamps -
00:01:00 - Housekeeping
Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Black Jack & Mohammed Mohammed
The Roper Report -
00:03:44 - Ms. Marvel joins Marvel’s Avengers
00:11:08 Best Friend Q. - I am wondering if this trailer for the inclusion of Ms. Marvel is because there is a good chunk of people who are not feeling the game and they are trying to get more pre-orders. Did this move the needle for you guys on getting the game or do you feel this would of been a better to have her in the game and people find out when they play the game? - Borzen00
00:14:12 Best Friend Q. - Do you think, in modern games criticism, that length is something that should even factor into reviews anymore? Or is it perhaps something of a "when it feels right" situation? - Chad Betteridge
00:21:50 - World’s First for the Destiny Raid, Samuel Horti @ PC Gamer
00:24:15 Best Friend Q. - The raid race in Destiny 2 began Saturday and after a surprisingly short 7 hours it was cleared! It's surprising that such a large expansion dropped a raid that could be cleared so quickly, although black armory was cleared in roughly that amount of time as well. Do you think perhaps the shorter clear time was to entice the massive flow of new players joining up with New Light? - Alex Russ (Zero Syndicate)
00:32:06 - Former Nintendo lawyer and Kirby namesake John Kirby dies, James Batchelor GIB
00:33:40 - Pokemon Stream all but confirms Galarian Ponyta, Kevin Knezevic @ GameSpot
00:44:22 - Out today
00:45:16 - HIMS
00:46:58 - QUIP
Reader mail -
00:48:00 - Iron Man VR got the push to February 2020 which is releasing near a bunch of indie titles such as The Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Watchdogs Legion. Is this title doomed? Should Sony have waited? - Frankfurtter
00:50:50 - One Night Stand just released on Nintendo Switch, which is a game I first saw during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. I was just wondering if anyone at KF have played it and if so, what you thought of it. It seems like a Greg Miller game for sure, and I’d love to hear some spoiler-free impressions before I take the dive. - Mitchell
00:54:00 - I have two questions regarding Google Stadia. Bruce, what do you think of Google Stadia and the potential of games as a medium moving towards a streaming future? Greg, when is your best guess as to when we will find out the official launch date for Stadia, or at the very least when will the Founders be able to claim their names? - The Five Star Man
00:58:12 - Squad Up: Anthony(PS4) - timmy_darco (please shu, let me change my name without potentially screwing up a bunch of stuff)
00:59:42 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts:Greg and Bruce Greene


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