Epic Games Store to Rival Steam - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.04.18

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After yesterday's discussion on Steam's revenue split, Epic is here with a brand new offer. Andrea and Greg discuss.

00:01:53 - Housekeeping
Andrea is leading a roundtable at DICE! The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
The Power of Perception: Managing Expectations of Your Game's Reception
So you want to hype up your game and sells pre-orders like crazy? You'll likely need some influencers, streamers, YouTubers, or games media to help spread the word, but what can and should you showcase that generates excitement without being misleading? What kind of access is not enough or too much? Andrea Rene has been working in games media for a decade with brands like IGN, GameTrailers, GameStop TV, and more. She'll lead a discussion on managing gamers' expectations through pre-launch coverage, and how to work with press and influencers to put your best foot forward.
Game Awards Watch-a-long Thursday evening. Any and Tim. 6 pm PT.
Who ain’t there:
CD Projekt Red
Naughty Dog
WB Montreal, but we’ll get to that...
The Kinda Funny Games Showcase is SATURDAY. We have SIXTY games to show you, and we couldn’t be more excited. Come see what we’ve got Saturday, December 8th at 10 am PT on twitch.tv/kindafunnygames. If you’re out and about, follow @kindafunnyvids on Twitter or catch the Showcase later on youtube.com/kindafunnygames.
The Roper Report -
00:07:20 - Epic Games Store
00:16:55 - Pokemon Go Trainer Battlers
00:18:36 - WB Montreal Teasing a Batman: Court of Owls Game? Joe Skrebbels IGN
00:22:35 - Crash Team Racing Incoming? Tom Phillips, EuroGamer
0026:25: - Bethesda Replacing Fallout 76 Nylon Bags
00:28:20 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:45:12 - Just got an e-mail from the ubisoft club that Ubisoft club points will start expiring in March 2019 and I'm pissed - Nate
00:51:40 - I got an e-mail from Playstation with a special offer on tickets to the show and I jumped at the chance. This will be the first big event of any kind that I have attended and now comes the question: What am I going to wear? - David
00:54:20 - Will the trailers shown in the Showcase also be posted on channels such as IGN, Gametrailers etc. or are they solely exclusive to KF? If so, what does the discussion with these media outlets look like? - Marvin
00:55:38 - This isn't really a question but I just wanted to take a minute and reflect on how Kinda Funny has evolved and improved throughout 2018 - Fendyy
00:57:20 - Squad Up:Alex Irish(Wii U) - Alex_IResq
00:58:35 - Bad PSN name story!
01:00:05 - You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host:Greg and Whitta

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