Imran Khan Joins Kinda Funny - Kinda Funny Games Daily 08.23.19

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We got a new cohost! Imran Khan stops by for his first official gig as a Kinda Funny part timer and talks about leaving Game Informer, PlayStation getting involved with the Uncharted movie, and more!

00:00:30 - Imran is here!
00:11:45 - “So what's next for you?” - The Nano Biologist
00:17:07 - Housekeeping
Batman Stream Sunday - noon
PAX is next week! Guild Wars event Friday morning, KFGShowcase Friday at 4:30, Inter-Site Championship Saturday at 9!
The Roper Report -
00:19:53 - PlayStation is coming to “save” the Uncharted Movie
00:30:28 - Riot Class Action Suit Settled
00:37:40 - DICE Cancels Battlefield V Competitive Mode
00:49:48 - Out today
00:53:17 - WHCF & PM
Reader mail -
00:54:00 - “As a majority of people listening to this podcast will be working for someone someday I figured a good question would be what was the process like?” - Borzen00
00:58:07 - “With the recent news about Spidey leaving the MCU, do you think this will have any repercussions for Insomniacs’ Spider-Man?” - Wizard of Rhyme
01:04:35 - Squad Up: Kavin - Facebook: Kevin Gara - Portland, Oregon
01:06:27 - You‘re Wrong
Next Week’s Hosts:
Monday - Greg & Tim
Tuesday - Andrea & Fran
Wednesday - Greg & Whitta
Thursday - Tim and ???
Friday - Tim and ???


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