AOC Breaks Twitch Record - Ep. 200

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This week we celebrate EPISODE 200 of What’s Good Games! We kick things off by chatting about AOC’s record-breaking Twitch stream, NBA 2K21’s icky unskippable in-game ads, Ubisoft Connect and more! We then take time to reflect on these past 200 episodes by reading listener messages and chatting about how far we’ve come. Hands-on is all about ghoOoOOosts: Ghost of Tsushima Legends and the paranormal investigation game Phasmophobia! We continue the spirit of spooky season in the Patreon produced third segment and chat about paranormal experiences we’ve had ourselves.

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Segment One: News
:45 Welcome to the show!
4:25 AOC breaks record on Twitch
12:42 NBA 2K21’s unskippable in-game ads
19:27 Ubisoft Connect details
27:35 In-game Halloween events
33:50 It’s our 200th episode!
Segment Two: Hands-On
55:44 Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
1:10:00 Phasmophobia
Segment Three: Patreon Produced Segment
1:22:04 Welcome back!
1:26:44 Have you ever experienced anything creepy/unexplainable/ghost or poltergeist-like? -Nicole Barnett

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